Q: How will my diet change in the long term?

A: Three months after surgery you will be on a normal diet. After your stomach have healed, you may eat most foods that won’t cause you discomfort. It is necessary that your food intake consist of six to eight small meals a day in order to
maintain an optimal nutritional status. After three months your stomach pouch can tolerate one, to one-and-a-half cups of food at a sitting (equivalent to a very small plate of food). If you do not follow these guidelines, there is a risk of becoming deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. By three months postoperative most patients can tolerate most types of food in moderation. In some cases it can take a patient a bit longer to tolerate foods like tough meats, alcohol and bread. Dumping symptoms is usually most prominent during the first postoperative year. Although it never completely goes away, it certainly becomes less of a problem over time. When you follow a healthy diet you should not experience dumping symptoms. Annual follow-ups are recommended after the 6 month diet program.