Tips For Beginning a Regular Diet:

  • Avoid “cheap calories” such as fats, high calorie liquids, sweets, ice cream, junk foods and cookies.
  • Remember, because the quantity of your intake is very small, it is crucial to eat highly nutritious foods.
  • Cut up each piece of meat to the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil.
  • Chew up each piece of meat individually, before swallowing.
  • Remember no liquids with meals!
  • High calorie liquids should be avoided. Consume only calorie free liquids.
  • Each meal should take an average of 30 minutes to consume. Eat slowly.
  • When in doubt about a new food, try it.
  • At least ½ of each meal should be high quality protein.
  • Quit when you are full. Do not challenge the capacity of your stomach pouch, to avoid stretching.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do not use carbonated beverages, and avoid alcohol.

You may not feel hungry, so plan your meals by the clock to maintain adequate nutritional intake throughout the day. This will also make it easier to plan your fluid intake. Nutritional changes take place throughout the first year, and individual meal planning may be necessary with your dietitian.