Hanlie Sweers - Dietician

Hanlie Sweers completed her Bachelor of Science (dietetics) degree at the University of North-West and has more than 12 years extensive dietetics experience. 

She started as junior dietitian at Flora Clinic where she was responsible for food service operations and quality control. 

She subsequently worked as private and hospital dietitian at the Curamed Hospital Group (Meulmed Hospital, Medforum Hospital, The Heart Hospital and Astrid Clinic) in partnership with four other dietitians.  This gave her access to a wide range of medical conditions ranging from general surgery, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, weight loss management, pediatric nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders and oncology that was instrumental in her gaining invaluable work experience in how to manage these various conditions through nutrition.

In 2001 she moved her practice to Unitas hospital, where she currently works as part of Prof Heine van der Walt’s Bariatric team.

Hanlie has extensive clinical experience in weight management, medical nutritional therapy for obesity related health problems and gastrointestinal conditions, bariatric surgery and gastrointestinal surgery.

Hanlie provides specialized pre- and postoperative dietetic advice and guidance for individuals undergoing bariatric surgery.

Critical instructions and support are provided to help patients adhere to the dietary changes consistent with bariatric surgery. 

Patients are empowered by providing them with the knowledge to self-manage their diets and to make practical, successful and sustainable dietary changes.

She supports her patients and thrives on the success of them achieving their personal goals.